Explain Why Students Should Not Have To Stay In School

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Have you ever had to do a chore for longer than you have wanted to? For example, taking out the trash until you 're 17 years old, or older. Well making a student stay committed to staying in school until age 18 can feel that way. Students should not have to stay in school until age 18 because there are different methods of lowering dropout rates, when you require a student to stay in school it can cause issues for teachers and other students, and some students need to dropout to help with family. Just as there are many other ways of making a kid do chores, or getting the trash taken out, there are many other ways to lower the dropout rates. “No, that 's why some states have decided to take a different tack. For example, in…show more content…
“And you know, forcing students to stay in school when they don 't want to be there can cause problems for teachers and other students as well.” This quote shows that even an expert, like Missy Remiss, who is for keeping students in school until age 18, knows that it can cause problems. Just as the kids can cause problems while staying in school they may have problems at home as well, which could provoke the bad behavior. As some kids may tell their parents they do not have time to do chores because they have homework, students families are the homework and school is the chore; they have to take care of family first. “You know how hard things have been at home for the past three years with dad not working and mom has only been able to find temporary and part time work.” This quote shows the hardships Marissa had, and the reasons she had to leave school, to focus on family. The whole issue of, should kids have to stay in school until they 're 18 or not, can really go either way, both sides have good back
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