Explain Why Sugary Drinks Should Be Allowed In School

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Some people think that schools should only offer nutritious drinks. I strongly agree with this policy. Drinks like white milk, water, and natural fruit juices need to be stocked in school because they can help restrain the problem with obesity. Furthermore, too much caffeine can cause students to have issues with insomnia. Likewise, young people need nutritious drinks in order to stay healthy and build strong bones. Overly sweet drinks will definitely not help with any of that. In other words, sugary drinks are more than likely to cause a downfall in the students who drink them. Overall, nutritious drinks are a must have at every school and they are the key to success.

First of all, nutritious drinks should be offered at every school because they can help students refrain from becoming obese so easily. Consuming multiple drinks that are high in calories can make it more accessible for
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If schools were to allow coffee and other caffeinated beverages then students would be energized and hyper for a solid ten minutes. Afterwards, they would crash. Later on, when it is time to go to sleep, the students that went overboard with the calories and the sugars will not be able to rest. This can become a never ending cycle and can cause them to do terrible in school. Nutritious drinks are a solution to this major problem that can even end up causing serious health effects.

Finally, the majority of people who drink sugary drinks are young people. That is why schools everywhere should only offer nutritious drinks. Young people need to be healthy in order to grow and build strong bones. Kids that lack nutrients will not grow up to be the healthiest they can be and their bones will be frail. Students absolutely need to have access to nutritious drinks because they are vital for them to have. Nothing about sugary drinks are healthy, and that is why they need to

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