Explain Why The Battle Of Petersburg Was A Turning Point In The War

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Lincoln’s Last Days Part One: The Beginning of the End of the War (pages 1-58) 1. Explain why the Battle of Petersburg was a turning point in the war? I think the Battle of Petersburg was a turning point in the war because the Union started to get an advantage. Wright was getting ready with a very well coordinated attack. While coordinating his attack plans and he was attacked by the Union. Wright and Lee, who was overlooking the battle, decided to retreat because the battle was becoming so bad. Lee headed towards the Appomattox river, but Lee’s plans were ruined because he had to move. When he did he ended up surrounded by Grant’s army on all sides. Finally Lee was getting tired of fighting and he was running out of supplies so he decided to write a letter to Grant asking to talk. If Lee hadn't surrendered then the war could have just got worse and worse which would have led to harder and bloodier battles. 2. Interpret Grant’s generous terms he offered Lee and his Confederate troops while at Appomattox Court House. Do you think these terms were already negotiated…show more content…
One page 75 it says, “He prepares to tell them about the task ahead and how the ability to trust the Southern states to peacefully rejoin the Union will be as great a challenge to the nation as the war itself,” This could make Booth mad because he might not like the way Lincoln is going to do this and he might not want it done at all. It also states that, “It is, in fact, a downbeat speech, almost an informal State of the Union address, designed to undercut the revelry and prepare the country for years of more pain and struggle.” Booth and his partners don't like this because they don't want to struggle anymore. They don't want to continue fighting because they just want to move on and be free
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