Explain Why The Civil War Break Out In 1642

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Julena Sopitan history assessment Why did the civil war break out in 1642? In this essay, it will be justifying the countless reasons why the civil war broke out and the impact it made to the 16th century. The English civil war was a concatenation of armed conflicts and radical conspiracies which was held between parliament and the royal monarch (Charles l). It had a combination of long and short-term causes. There were a range of economic, political, and religious causes. There are various examples of why Charles 1st was a suitable king and the accomplishments he achieved. He managed to form peace between France and Spain who were occupied in thirty years of war. Consequently, this may have stopped many future battles, the cost on salaries, uniforms, and transportation. Money should really be used towards feeding and equipping the public and for appropriate uses only. On the contrary, some historians criticize and believe that he was a un-negotiable and selfish. They judge and question his actions that he did. One of the most important reasons to them was because out of greed he forced his people to pay specific taxes (ship money) which he…show more content…
Things worsened during the spring of 1639, King Charles I convoyed his services to the Scottish border to end the uprising rebellion (the Bishops ' War). With the exception, after an inconclusive military campaign, he accepted the offered Scottish truce: The Reconciliation of Berwick. The truce proved momentary, and a second war followed in the middle of 1640. This time, a Scots army conquered Charles 's forces in the north, and then seized Newcastle. This was a significant reason for the outbreak of the civil war because this was a way for the parliament to tell king Charles 1st what to do. Charles 1st decided to not interfere with Scotland’s religion and paid the scots war expenses. He liked to get his own way as a result, king Charles 1st had other intentions on his mind for the Scottish to finally give up and obey
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