Explain Why The Day The War Came Home

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The Day the War Came Home

In 1970 Kent State University had a friendly nonviolent protest over the Vietnam War. Sadly it ended up so violent four students were killed and nine were wounded. But what the investigators were told did not add up. Why did the National Guard open fire on the students?
This was supposed to be a nonviolent peaceful anti-war protest. In April 1970 the US invaded Cambodia and widened the Vietnam War the invasion of Cambodia that was designed to attack the headquarters of the Viet Cong, which had been using Cambodian territory as a sanctuary. This was announced on the television and radio by President Nixon.
But the events of what happened that day is not what anyone had expected. The outcome of this protest did not come out as planed this protest stared off with thousands of student gathered around the school some were a little more outspoken and show their emotions through their actions. These actions lead to the next and students are creating bomb
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The protestors moved up a steep hill, known as Blanket Hill, and then down the other side of the hill onto the Prentice Hall parking lot as well as an adjoining practice football field. The guardsmen then began retracing their steps from the practice football field back up Blanket Hill. Many of the guardsmen say they felt cornered, under attack and felt the need to draw their weapons. The guardsmen say that they fired in fear for their lives. More than seventy guardsmen turned suddenly and fired their rifles and pistols. Between 61 and 67 shots were fired in a 13 second period. Many fired into the air or ground but there was a small portion of guards who shot directly into the crowd. Twelve students were shot nine walked away injured but four students laid dead on the floor. It was believed that the four students were targeted. When the people started to ask questions we were told a false
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