Explain Why The Driving Age Should Stay At 18

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Have you ever wanted to help your family financially? Now imagine being a 16 year old who wants a better job because the job you're working at does not pay enough. Your family needs your help buying food, paying bills, and buying gas for their car. You need to buy a car and let your parents quit taking you to work and school. You can't help your parents because you cant drive for two more years.

First of all, the legal driving age should remain at 16 because it limits social life. You can go hang out with your friends when you want to and your mom would not have to take you. You want to go to your friends house this weekend but you can't because you cant drive for two more years. You can't go to the movies or the park. You want to take your girlfriend on a date to the movies but you can't because you can't drive yet because you are not 18. If you want to go to the park with your friends you can’t because you can't drive yet. You can go to the park but you will have to walk.

In addition, the legal driving age should not changed to 18 because, students driving at 16 teaches them responsibility. When you're driving you need to pay attention to where you are. You also have to pay attention to how fast you're going. If you go too fast you will get a ticket. You also
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If the state does change the driving age to 18 it would limit your social life. You need your social life or else you would not be able to talk to anyone. They also need to learn responsibility, students will learn responsibility if they start driving at 16 because their parents will not be there to guide you. Finally, transportation issues would be a problem if the driving age changed. Teenagers would need a ride if they missed the school bus. They would need a ride to the doctor and they would need a ride to work. Certainly, the reason for keeping the driving age at 16 is far better than the reasons to change the driving age to
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