Explain Why The Government Was Responsible For The Holocaust By Anne Frank

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So many people have risked their lives and have witnessed what is to be known as the Holocaust. From Paul Galan to Anne Frank. They have all experienced the struggles and hardships. In order to document and remember the Holocaust, they had to somehow have a way to keep it for future generations. That is why Anne Frank made her diary. To keep her life experience and what she had to live through during World War II. Not only this, but some people made it into allegory’s which is a better and easier way to understand what happened during the Holocaust in order to let the communities be more aware in the remembrance of the Holocaust. Knowing that the Holocaust happened, there had to be someone or something responsible for this tragic time period. The government…show more content…
Therefore, the government was responsible for the Holocaust to occur.
The government were responsible for the Holocaust to occur for many reasons. One of the reasons that stood out were the fact that the government had a choice whether to stop the killing of the Jews, rather than making the whole situation worse. First off, everyone has the ability to make their own decisions and think their own thoughts. Anne Frank depicts an example of this in Source A, where she displays, “The Gestapo is treating them very roughly and transporting them…” This displays a common idea and pattern that will continue to happen throughout World War II. The government had a choice: they could have stopped
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