Explain Why The United States Should Increase Speed Limits

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Persuasive speech I would like to start off by asking a question. How many of you have driven a car over the speed limit on the freeway? Ok and out of those hands how many of you have been pulled over or involved in some type of vehicle accident? As a guy who is very interested in racing cars I have spent a huge chunk of my time to research that increasing speed limit for safety is valid I hope today to persuade you on why the United States should increase the speed limits on freeways not just to have the cops back off a little but to reduce accidents that happen on freeways. Today I will talk about the complications of such low speed limits and why higher is better,…show more content…
I cannot stress enough on how this is so much better for all of us. I mean who doesn’t want to be safe and get to work even faster? After doing some research on National Motorist Association website I discovered that the main problem for these accidents is the differences in speeds. On a 70 mph highway someone driving 70 and another driver driving 60 will increase the chances of an accident all because the driver was going 60. That 10 mph really made the difference. According to National Motorist Association if speed limits were raised and all lanes were moving the same speed, traffic would move so much smoother because it is assumed that everyone has an ideal speed at which they feel comfortable on the freeway and all those people on the freeways driving at that ideal comfortable speed will improve traffic flow. This will not only get you to your destination faster, but it will keep everyone of you safe. The National Motorist Association conducted an experiment in New York and results showed a reduction in automobile accidents. So I think that if Germany and the study in New York proved the reduction in accidents, then I will definitely work throughout the rest of the

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