Explain Why The Virginia Plan Called For A Weak National Government

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1. Equal representation is when each state sends the same number of representatives to make decisions. Proportional representation is when a proportionate number of representatives are chosen based on the states population. If there is a bigger population, more representatives are sent. The smaller states thought this was unfair because they thought they would just me controlled by the bigger states, and they would have no say in anything. The bigger states thought equal representation would be unfair because they wouldn’t be able to represent as many people that lived in the state. 2. The Virginia Plan suggested a strong national government. It said that two governments would go into affect, individual state governments and the national governments. We call this a federal system. The national government would have the ability to make and enforce laws and collect taxes. The Virginia Plan also divided the government into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. 3.…show more content…
The New Jersey plan called for a weak national government. It said only one house of Congress would happen. It also said each state would have equal representation. Congress would have the ability to collect taxes on stamps and products. They could also collect levy fines and collect money from the state if they refused to pay taxes. Congress would regulate all trade. The last thing the plan mentioned was executive and judicial braches of government. Congress would choose people to serve in the executive branch. The executive branch would choose the people in the Supreme
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