Explain Why The Voting Age Should Be Allowed To Vote

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Everyone deserves a chance to vote. I feel that at the age of sixteen citizens should have the right to vote. No matter the age, if younger teens are able to understand the importance and good deeds of whomever may be funning for a position, they should be able to vote for them. Another thing is every vote counts. I do not know why the voting age is eighteen in the United States. Now they teach politics in schools so that the students can understand how politics work. We may never know, those younger votes can make a difference in society. Younger children deserve to vote too. They understand politics because they teach in their schools now. They age to vote should be sixteen and above. Most of the teens are already very excited to vote because they know their vote4s may can change the world. Now a days the children sixteen and under know more about the politics than I know and I am nineteen now. Most of them feel as if they are still babies because they are not able to vote. Right or wrong every vote counts. In the rate elections are going, we need all of the votes we can get. For instance, if there is someone running for a position and all they intend to do is harm the people or turn everything bad, they should be stopped. Nine times out of ten most people are voting for someone just to…show more content…
Some may think well, I am still a baby because I am seventeen and cannot vote. I know that when I was sixteen and seventeen I was mad because everyone I knew was going to vote except me. I felt like a nearly grown baby, all because I could not vote. If I was to go around and ask many different teens do they feel that the voting age should change, I know they will agree with me. They will not only agree because they do feel as if they are not still babies, but they also know it is a great idea and change. Not only a change for themselves but a change for the world as
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