Explain Why There Should Be Allowed To Play On Boys'sports Teams

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I support this proposal. Girls should be allowed to play on boys’ sport teams when there isn’t a girls’ team for that sport to play on. As more girls look for athletic opportunities where they are able to play both fairly and successfully, they are subjected to sports teams composed of only boys. While some parents or coaches are against girls on boys’ sports teams, many others support these actions. However so, girls should be allowed to play on boys’ sports teams. First, girls on boys’ sports teams would build more friendships with the opposite sex. Steve Sampsell, a writer for KidSports Magazine, states, “Learning to view the opposite sex as a friend and not something intimidating is something kids can carry with them for life…” When both girls and boys learn to look at one another mutually and beneficially rather than an opponent of the opposite sex, both genders can form friendships with more people. In addition, Tim McCoy, director of member services on a sports team, writes, “Sports at this prepubescent age is social; the kids are meant to have fun and get some exercise and the camaraderie will serve them well…” When boys and girls play sports…show more content…
The Women’s Sports Foundation even says, “Sports for girls in general has many benefits, including better grades, better body image, less depression and a higher chance of graduating from high school…” Girls benefit emotionally by having a higher self-esteem and a lower sadness rate while benefitting mentally by improving academically. Jeffrey Rhoads, author of The Joy of Youth Sports: Creating the Best Youth Sports Experience for Your Child, also states, “Allowing girls to compete alongside and against boys enhances their view of themselves and makes them more resilient…” When girls are allowed to play equally along boys, they have a more positive self-image of themselves and may work harder to prove
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