Explain Why Two Parties Are Wrong In Antigone

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Why Both Parties are Wrong “Don’t fear for me. Set your own fate in order.” (lines 103). Is what Antigone said as she tried to calm her sister as she cried. While Antigone told her about burying their brother. Which was against the law, as Creon made it. Antigone's words and ideas contrast with Creon’s character to the point of these two characters having major conflicting motivations throughout the play. These conflicting motivations cause the characters to get mad upset or angry at eachother. Causing more conflict, but within these conflicts, shows in the end how Creon end up as the tragic hero. Antigone’s actions towards burying her brother, conflicts with Creon’s laws. Which causes huge problems within Thebes, you can see in the play on (Lines 282-285) “ I want to tell you first about myself. I did not do it. And I didn’t see the one who did. So it would be…show more content…
Creon puts many people down or scares people into doing everything he says, and by proving it. He threw Antigone into a cave and blocked the entry. He does this to scare the people so they will listen to him and not turn their back. So when Creon’s son came to see Antigone and saw that she hanged herself instead of dying slowly. When Creon heard about this he got to the cave as soon as he could. When he got there and his son saw him, his son killed himself with his own sword. That’s when Creon realized that he was the one who lead up the series of events. Which made him the Tragic hero. The character interacts between Antigone and Creon and makes the plot to develop a very hostile environment towards everyone. They both wanted different things for the same reason to make laws. Creon wanted things to go his way or no way. Antigone on the other hand thought that laws should be obeyed by those who initially made them. So in conclusion Creon and Antigone were both wrong in their own

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