Explain Why Using CALL-Network Based Technology-In The Process Teaching And Learning

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Why using CALL –network based technology- in the process teaching and learning? The 21st century, age of technology and development. The use and implementation of new technologies and modern methodes of teaching and learning become more than a necessity. One of the new methodes suggested for new teaching-learning processes is the use of computer assissted language learning.the last is considered an evolution helping in creating a healthy and better learning environments for students. This use have many advantages and benifits for the learner on many scales. One of the major benefits of using CALL in modern calsses are experiential learning learning and enhancing students achievments.first of all when using CALL students are exposed to a huge amount of human experiences.in such a way, learning by doing will take place.student 's creativity,ways ofv thinking and the number of choices will be increased. Second,the use of CALL will enhance the student outcomes ie the reiforcement of students linguistic skills by affecting their attitudes toward learning,also it builds self-instruction strategies and promotes the student 's self…show more content…
Motivation and individualization are also affected by the use of Call ,computers are most popular among students either because they are associated with fun and games or because they are considered to be fashionable. Student motivation is therefore increased, especially whenever a variety of activities are offered, which make them feel more independent. Moreover,introverted students who have difficulties in communication and interaction may benifit from using CALL technologies on their learning.student-centered collaborative learning can realize their full potential without preventenig their peers from working at their own

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