Are Video Games Considered Art Essay

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This question has been going on for generations. Video games and if they are considered art. Are they considered art? Can a game made out of pixels be considered a master piece? Video games have been around for quite a long time, starting with Mario or Pacman. Art is everywhere, so why can’t it be in a video game? Video games are considered art. In an extraordinary amount of ways. Have you ever seen how much work is put into a game, or just how much time it takes in general? Some games can take months or even years to create. You can’t forget the series of testing before it is actually sent out to shelves. It takes a variety of people to make a video game. Designers, Drawers, Programmers and more. All this to make a video game. First, requires the ideas flowing in, to think of how the game is going to go, or how the monsters or people are going to look. Next comes the drawers, who draw the ideas into picture for the designers to then make them onto the screen. The programmers are the ones to give the picture movement and livability. The designers creation that they made based off the drawings, are not given movement and the ability to react to the players choices. This goes on for months until a story is made. A story that isn’t just fun but beautiful. The process of making games is similar to art. You take an idea…show more content…
Are they considered art to you? They will always be art to me because of the adventures they took me through. If you ever get the chance, take a moment to actually play a video game, it doesn’t have to be a war game. Just play it and pay attention to the graphics and the story in general. There are some games out there that really inspire you or touch your heart. Similar to art pieces on a wall. They both mean something to someone and inspire people. Isn’t that what art is supposed to do? There has been many articles about video games and art. The battle goes on and on. Video games, are art, and always will
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