Explain Why Was Canada Worried After 9/11

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I believe that Canada was worried after 9/11. They could have been attacked because they were allies of us. They might have worried that their airplanes were hijacked also. 500 airplanes from around the world were en route to the United States. Planes with enough fuel were told to return to their airport of origin, and the rest was diverted to airports across Canada. Fearing the attacks may not be over and worried that other planes could be turned into “destructive missiles,” Transport Canada instructed NAV CANADA (the agency that handles air traffic control) not to redirect planes to large urban areas, such as Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Canada was also upset because they lost 24 Canadiens in the Twin Towers attack, the youngest of these age 29 and the oldest 70. Canada 's economy also would have suffered because of the attacks as most of their supplies comes from the United States. Canada was a quiet leader in sending aid, special rescue units, and equipment. Even citizens helped during and after 9/11. The average Canadian citizen stepped up to the plate on that clear blue Tuesday when the world changed forever; much the same as New York City and the rest of the world did by first offering support and sincerity for the tremendous loss of life, and then unwavering support for local …show more content…

37 flights were diverted to the town’s airport. The community of less than 10,000 people suddenly had to find shelter and food for 6,700 people. School bus drivers who were on strike left their picket lines in order to provide transportation to area schools and halls. Medical prescriptions were filled by pharmacies at no cost, and people opened their homes to passengers in need of a coffee or a shower. Transport Canada says 224 flights carrying 33,000 passengers landed on Canadian soil, while NAV CANADA says 238 planes landed. With security concerns paramount, each plane had to be searched and every passenger

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