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Why WW1 was inevitable. With the crazy number of deaths you’d wonder why the war was alled “The Great War” and were gonna find out why it is called that. There are many reasons that WW1 was inevitable but some main ones are the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the power vacuum in the balkans and nationalism. There are more reasons why WW1 would have started or things that would of sparked the flame too start but these are the very important ones that needed to be heard. These are some of the more important causes that lead to the Great War aka WW1 and why they happened. One of the first reasons why WW1 was inevitable was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Archduke heir of Austria-Hungarian and royal prince. He was murdered by a Serbian nationalist who's last name was Princip. Princip was done eating a sandwich and the Archduke’s driver took a wrong turn that went right to Princip and he was able to kill Archduke. This led to Hungarian-Austria alliance to attack Serbia-Russian alliance which led to the Great War. they wanted to kill Archduke because they didn’t believe in what he was trying nto accomplish, or what his uncle was doing before Archduke stepped in. World war 1 was very inevitable for that reason. Another reason why WW1 was…show more content…
So many people believed that their nation was the best so they would fight for it and do whatever it took to be the best. That meant that they would kill whoever they needed to be better. That is part of the reason why Archduke died, Serbia wanted to be the best and they needed him dead to accomplish that. Nationalism was a very large part of the Great War, so much that if nationalism wasnt around and they didnt believe it then the Great War aka WW1 might not of even happened. I believe that very much because why would they die for their country if they didn’t even like it. That’s why nationalism was a huge part of WW1 aka The Great

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