Why We Respond Physically To Fear Essay

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Why do we respond physically to fear? Why do we respond physically to fear? Well, for starters, fear happens to be one of the most natural emotions a human being can have. Fear goes along with being startled, or surprised, even being worried goes along with fear. Fear is more of an instinct than a reaction. Being fearful of something happens when our brain signals that we feel unsafe, or in a new and unjust surrounding. Fear is a way that we as humans feel we can protect ourselves, it alerts us to dangers and helps us to deal with whatever may come along with that danger. Fear comes along as a warning. When we fear something, or are afraid of something, our brains release a stimulus that signals the heart rate to rise, and causes your breathing to speed up, which explains why your heart races and breathing becomes difficult when you’re frightened. When the stimulus in your brain releases it acts as a “fight or flight” mechanism, meaning that you must act upon whatever it is that you are fearful of. Fear ranges in many different scenarios. For example, seeing a large spider on the wall, is a lot less fearful than someone breaking into your home and pointing a weapon at you, but with that being said, everyone reacts to things differently. The reason we respond physically to fear is because during the time that your…show more content…
Physical reactions to fear could be running, crouching down, hiding, crying, screaming, and many other things. Over time there have been studies to help people who are feared easily to develop coping skills, but even as they learn to cope fear is still a reaction process that we can’t stop our brains from doing. Our brains reacting to fear is something as natural as our eyes closing when we sneeze, or our mouth’s opening when we yawn, it’s not something that can be stopped or warned ahead of time. It is all a part of how our brain, and our body react to
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