Explain Why We Should Have Longer Classes

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Are you ever late to class because you don’t have enough time to get there and get all the things you need? At CCA we only have two minutes between classes. I think we need more time between classes.
Teachers tell us that we need to use the restroom, and get drinks during break. But what if you don’t have enough time to do that during break? For example if the class you just came from was on one side of the building and your next class is on the opposite side of the building, so you have to rush to get there and don’t have enough time. I think it would really help if we had longer breaks.
We are told to come to class with all our materials, and if you don’t come prepared you will get in trouble. Sometimes people don’t have all the stuff they need, because they don’t have enough time to get it… and then you would get in more trouble for being tardy to class. We should have longer breaks so people would be more prepared for class. Also if we had longer breaks people wouldn’t have to go back to get their stuff, so in the long run it would make us be able to learn longer...because people wouldn’t have to leave as much.
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So again this could in the long run help us, because if people don’t talk as much then Teachers won’t have to stop and wait for people to be quiet… and that would save us class time. I think we should have longer breaks so we can talk with people we don’t see as much.
Have you ever been late to class because you can’t get there in fast enough? If we had longer breaks it would benefit both teachers and students. We should have longer breaks, because it would help the whole school… and not just
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