Explain Why We Should Have Longer School Hours Essay

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Second Persuasive Essay I believe we should have seven periods because we can have longer classes with a longer lunch time, and also one less elective class in a day. Someone who wants eight periods every day would have short classes, but more classes in a day with a shorter lunch time. With seven periods we can have more time in class to work, and more activities in lunch with more time to do them. In a eighth period class days we would have a short lunch time. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to finish lunch and barely have time to do activities. They would be able to keep electives and short class time. Then sometimes we can’t finish our work and we will have to ask the teacher for help and they might not be there. We need more class time so we can finish our work and have it all memorized for the next day. We also need more energy for every class so we won’t fall asleep in class. It would be good to have energy in class everyday.Then I think we don’t really need any electives, we just need to get more credits so we can move on. If we have less class periods we will have enough time to finish work in class with help from the teacher. We will also have enough time in between classes. There will also be enough time to ask all the question about how we do our work and at least finish some of your work in class. We don’t…show more content…
It would be a lot easier with only seven classes with a study hall too. Then we would have longer lunches or at least more than eight periods. The classes can give us more time to finish our work. The less classes we have the less homework we have to do. So that you won’t keep falling asleep in class if you just get your work finished and turn it in on time instead with a short class with not any time to get to your next class. They wouldn’t want anyone calling the principal and have them get in
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