Explain Why Were Irish Nell And Her Descendants Enslaved?

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Document Analysis #1 1) Why were Irish Nell and her descendants enslaved? Ans: Irish Nell and her descendants enslaved because of an Act. The Act was common and existed in the seventeenth-century that anyone who marries a slave will be enslaved along with their descendants. Also, when a person marries a slave they become a slave and has to serve the husband’s master. 2) What assumptions about race, gender, and social order contributed to their enslavement? Ans: The testimony that were gathered, that supported the law that whenever a woman marries a slave they become slaves along with their descendants contributed to their enslavement. The law that existed in the province was also the contribution to their enslavement. 3) According to the witnesses, …show more content…

For the witnesses being a white woman meant she could have chosen her freedom over slavery. Her children would not have to be slaves when they were born. 5) To what extent are the testimonies reliable evidence? Ans: Since everything that happened was eighty years back it seems to be reliable. Also, for the reason that every witness somehow knew Irish Nell. Out of all the witness one of them were their neighbor that lived within a mile from where Irish Nell was. One of them heard about their story from his mother. Looking at all their connection to Irish Nell when they talked with Irish or knew someone who talked with Irish, the testimonies seem to be the closet reliable evidence. 6) How did the witnesses learn about the Irish Nell and Charles? Ans: For me the main reason the witnesses learned about Irish Nell and Charles is that during that time a white woman marrying a slave because of her own will and love was very rare and not heard of. So, for the very reason most people came to know about them. Also, she was a servant for a Lord and a white woman so when she fell in love and wanted to marry a slave everyone might have been curious so more people knew about …show more content…

Ans: The testimonies suggest that the neighborhood around that time were racist and would not understand love and why someone would marry a slave and become slave along with their descendants. It also suggests that they were focused on the white woman because she chose a negro over a Lord. Also, when a white woman gives up her freedom everyone seems to tell her about the disadvantages of marrying a slave. 8) What do they suggest about the relationship between a servant and slave? Ans: The testimonies suggest that a servant marrying a slave is a huge deal and unheard of because a servant can choose her freedom or marry a lord. But, for a slave if someone marries them they become slaves along with their descendants. Also, it is a huge deal for a white woman to marry a negro even though the white woman is a servant. 9) Why did Lord Baltimore warn Irish Nell about marrying Charles? Ans: Lord Baltimore warned Irish Nell about marrying Charles because marrying a slave in those days meant that she would enslave herself and her future generation. Lord Baltimore did not want her to seal her future like that so that he warned her about marrying

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