Explain Why Ww1 Was Not Over By Christmas 1914

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One first factor why the war was not over by Christmas 1914 was because of the failure of the Schlieffen plan. The Schlieffen Plan was the German war plan that was aiming to wn the war by taking control of Paris in 40 days, causing the French to surrender and freeing up troops to send East to fight the Russians. If nobody had inhabited Belgium or France, the plan might have worked. The plan did not take into account the possibility that the Belgians, having been promised neutrality, would become angered and would defend their country. It also did not take into account the chance that Britain would fight for Belgian neutrality too, as Germany had hoped that Britain would remain neutral. Germany had not been expecting the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and French soldiers when they advanced through Belgium, and this clash at the Battle of Mons slowed them down considerably.…show more content…
After the German’s success at the Battle of Mons they pushed on to Paris, but General von Moltke changed his mind at last minute (perhaps for fear of leaving behind the unreliable supply chain); instead of attacking Paris from the West as previously planned, the army would only attack from the North, so as to travel fewer miles. This was the beginning of the downfall of the Schlieffen plan that might have otherwise worked, and therefore a step towards the war not being over by Christmas. The Battle of the Marne on the 6th September occurred when the French alongside the BEF furiously defended their capital city and pushed the Germans back to the river Aisne- the Schlieffen plan was foiled and Paris would not be captured within 40

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