Definition Essay: What Is Meant By Work-Life Balance

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What is meant by work-life balance? It is not just another metaphor we use in our daily life. This metaphor has lot of meanings hidden behind it. Work-Life balance simply does not mean that there is equal distribution of weight on both sides but it is balance between body and mind. For each person the work-life balance definition may change. It depends upon how they have self-defined their goals and their state of well-being so that they can handle multiple responsibilities at home, work and society without getting stressed mentally and physically. Once the employer is able to bring in work-life balance in the organization, it has lot of advantages like reducing stress, attracting new employees, retaining current employees, trust and strong…show more content…
It is time to think differently. The work-life balance is not about less work hours or part-time job. It is more about handling the responsibilities at work and at home on priority basis. The employers should come up with creative ideas as in how they can ensure work-life balance for their employees. Employers can bring in certain policies, procedures and benefits like flexible work hours, work-from-home, and daycare center within company to ensure happiness of working mothers, etc. Also try to encourage employees to try relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation. This helps body and mind to get de-stressed from strenuous work…show more content…
The organizations should ensure that they create a work environment which gives employees a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Mindtree Ltd. had looked into the concerns of working mothers and came up with “Little Critters” which is a daycare center within the company. The employees can leave their kids in “Little Critters” in the morning and can in between go and take care of their kids. This was one of the greatest initiatives by the company. Other facilities include wellness center with a doctor, two nurses and ergonomist. There are facilities provided by other companies as well to ensure work-life balance and well-being of their

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