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Engagement 50/50 Explanation of Engagement: This score refers to my efforts that I put in and the success that I had engaging with the student. It is very important, in a one on one, for the student to feel as though the teacher that they are with actually cares about what they are doing. Explanation of My Grade: No matter what the situation was or how bad my day was going, or how bad it seemed like my week was going to be, I was proud of myself and my commitment to fully engaging with the students. It was incredibly rewarding to stay engaged with them. They kept my mind off of the things that were bothering me and worrying me. The students made it even easier for me to continue to stay engaged with them. All of that being said, I believe I deserve a 50/50 in this area.

Professionalism 48/50 Explanation of Professionalism: On the flip side, professionalism more
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The score should also be accompanied by a brief explanation of the score that I have given myself. Explanation of My Grade: Like it is stated above, this section does have some similarities as the “Value of Experience” section, and because of that, I believe I should take a point off. There was a time in the middle of our time in the RAWK room where I was not as helpful as I was in the very beginning. However, by the end I believe I had developed a lot in a positive way, thus the rest of the of the points. That beings said, I believe that a 24/25 is a fair score for me in this section.

Respect 25/25 Explanation of Respect: The category has some commonalities with “Professionalism,” however it is more directly related to how I treat both the students and the teachers. A respectful teacher listens to the student and respects their ideas. A respectful teacher also listens to other teachers during discussion and
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