Explanation Of Ron Hall's Speech From The 'King Of The Jungle'

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Ron Hall began his speech with an explanation of who Denver Moore was. He explained a dangerous man known on the street as “Suicide”. He was given this name because everyone knew that messing with Moore was suicide. He was also known as “King of the Jungle” because those around him knew that he ruled with fear. Little did Ron Hall know that soon this man would be one of his closest friends and they would embark on an interesting journey of friendship and faith. Ron and Denver’s story began with Ron’s wife, Debbie. At the time Ron was not the best husband and was very self absorbed, mainly focused only on his wealthy art gallery. He spent very little time thinking of those who are less fortunate than he and was as he put it “not the best husband”. At this same time his wife was dreaming of ways in which she could help the homeless and wanted…show more content…
It all started with Debbie having a dream about a man that would help them change their city. Debbie refused to use the term homeless people and was a true Good Samaritan. She was able to inspire her husband Ron and also inspire Denver. Together Ron and Denver learned from each other and grew in their faith. Their friendship is something that most people would have laughed at and never thought would be possible. They have proved that friendship and serving God is far more important than any material possessions in this world. They started by talking next to a dumpster and have now written a best selling book, will have a movie made about their story, and were even invited to the White house. After the White House visit Denver began to laugh and said “I’ve gone from living in the bushes, to eating with the Bushes.” This comment shows the humor these two men share and their ability to be positive no matter what the situation. These men are true American heroes and have the ability to touch the hearts of thousands of
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