Explanation Of The Song 'California Dreaming'

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Have you ever kept thinking about something you want to forget? To forget something is hard because you keep thinking about it. Some people wish of being in California instead of being with someone or somewhere else. The song has a grey and sad melody. It makes you feel sad. If you listen to this song it will make you think about life a little. It uses literary devices that makes the song’s meaning. The song mostly has repetition. The act of repeating something. “California Dreaming” (2;1)(4:1) is the first repetition. It repeats it three times. Then the next repetition is the first four verses(1:1,2,3,4)(5:1,2,3,4) It repeats “All the leaves are brown, And the sky is grey, I 've been for a walk.”. Since the author repeats, he can 't forget about the problem he is in. The author keeps thinking about the place he wants to be in. Instead of the place and person…show more content…
That means that the author had to be honest with his partner or he knew he had to leave. Some example that I gave uses imagery too. Imagery is a literary device that makes an image in your mind. “All the leaves are brown, And the sky is grey” (1:1,2). That causes a image in your mind of a sad environment which can also make you sad. Another example is “On a winter’s day” (1:4). The line means that it was cold and close to christmas and the author isn’t with his partner.”Well I got on my knees”(3:3). In your mind you can see someone on their knees praying. It also means that the author is asking god for something. The literary device help you understand the song. With the literary devices, you know what the song is about. This song has a grey and sad mood with it. the author used literary devices to say what he means. The thesis is that he left his partner and wants to be in California instead of with his
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