Explanations Of The Lepus Constellation

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I picked the Lepus constellation. because Lepus is the 51st constellation in size and takes up a area of 290 square degrees. I also choose it cause its in the shape of a rabbit. and it also has very interesting myths behind it. The Lepus constellation lays in the northern sky. The name Lepus means "the hare" in Latin. It is depicted as a hare being chased by the hunter Orion or by his hunting dogs. represented by the constellations Canis Major and Canis minor. Lepus was first cataloged by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. Lepus contains the famous star R leporis. also known as Hinds crimson star. Lepus neighboring constellations are Caelem,Canis, Major,Columba,Eridanus,Monocerus and Orion. Lepus's myth as predicted is a hare being hunted by a hunter called Orion or being chased by his hunting dogs. Lepus is located under Orions feet. this constellation is not part of any particular myth. sometimes it is also believed to be a rabbit being chased by Orion and his dogs. Another myth of this constellation is that Lepus was once a bird who was changed into a hare by the goddess of spring ostara. The legend of ostara is German. Im not to certain were the first myth comes from.…show more content…
who fell in love with a witch called " fable". Fable was a loyal honest woman . yet she had a evil side. Lepus one day had a fight with his woman fable. Fable got angry and cursed lepus for all eternity to be a constellation for all to see. he shows in the sky as a hare. who is forever trying to hide away and escape to find his one true love fable. so he has hopes in becoming who he once
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