Explanatory Essay Flow, Is Sex Necessary?

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Explanatory essays deal with an author focusing on one overall concept and explaining it in depth. Many essays tend to over-explain and lose their reader’s interest. Those essays lack one of the many strategies that help in writing an effective Explanatory Essay. Flow, Is Sex Necessary? Virgin Birth and Opportunism in the Garden, and Parthenogenesis are all pieces that describe their concept using different techniques that are all effective in getting to their point. However, Flow by Clayton Strothers is the most successful since it uses strategies and correctly clarify the point without losing the reader’s attention. In the essay, Flow, Strothers uses many writing strategies. He uses comparing and contrasting, narration, uses questions, explains…show more content…
They know the reader deserves their best publications since the readers keeps the author in business. Therefore, the content has to be something that intrigues and keeps the audiences’ concentration. Clayton Strothers does this in Flow and also clearly explains his concept. The topic covered in the reading is the psychological concept of flow, also known as “getting in the zone”. He effectively explains his topic without losing his readers. Unlike Is Sex Necessary? Virgin Birth and Opportunism in the Garden and Parthenogenesis, this explanatory essay does not over-explain or use wording that is beyond the reader’s comprehension level. This, in addition to the writing strategies creates a perfect, enjoyable Explanatory Essay. These essays can be written on a variety of topics. For example, a good topic would be the effects of growing up in a divorced family. This would be a good concept to write about since many of the effective writing strategies would be applicable to the writing. Another good concept would be sleep paralysis. This would be a great topic since they are many sources an individual could integrate smoothly. Therefore, there is a plethora of concepts to choose
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