Essay On Physical Exploitation

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Exploitation is the use of someone or something in an unjust or cruel manner, or generally as a means to one 's end. Exploitation is taking an undue advantage of something or someone for one’s own self desires. It can be of physical and emotional both types.
Emotional exploitation is a type of abuse characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behaviour that may result in psychological trauma including anxiety and chronic depression. Such type of exploitation is associated with power imbalance such as abusive relationship, bullying and abuse in the work place.
Emotional exploitation does not always lead to physical exploitation but physical exploitation is always accompanied by psychological or emotional exploitation. Physical exploitation is causing someone injury and physical pain. One can suffer exploitation, abuse and violence at any stage and at any time. We cannot distinguish male and females while talking about it as both can be its victim but in almost everywhere women are exploited more than men.

The roles that women play in the society and the images we have of them have not formed from biology and social situations but are deeply rooted in the myths, legends
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At the societal level, it is connected to sexist structure of the society as well as the family. Both the upper class and the lower class women are the victims. Lack of education and poor job opportunities for women are the factors due to which affect the middle class women. Because of the pre-decided roles of women by the social system, men are relatively confident that women are bound to them as she has no place to go, she is not economically independent and she has the burden of bringing up the children because society think that child care is exclusively a mother’s job and women who leave a children behind become social
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