Exploitation Of Beauty Pageants

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Option one: Are beauty pageants exploiters? Over the years it becomes evident how the true meaning of beauty has deteriorated. People daily life more of appearances and how they look, and leave aside important aspects such as values and personality. Then beauty contests show the concept of beauty in a wrong way, increasingly increasing beauty standards and leading participants to perform transformations to their body to meet the aforementioned standards. In addition, children participating in these contests are largely forced by their mothers to participate and to carry out transformations with the aim of winning. This subjection, generates in children a disturbance in their personality and creates in them a wrong concept of beauty, such as leaving aside important factors such as the intellect and personality. For this reason, beauty contests exploit their participants both physically and psychologically. Increasingly, children are involved in beauty contests, "Children are the fastest growing segment of the beauty pageant market, with annual child competitions attracting approximately 3 million children, mostly girls, aged six months to 16, competing for crowns and cash. Babies, brought to the stage by their mothers, are commonplace“, said Schultz and Murphy (2017). The children involved in this type of competitions are mainly involved in physical and psychological exploitations owing to they are subjected many times by their parents, who are forced to participate in
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