Exploitation Of Slave Labor

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Exploiting workers is a very common phenomenon these days. It happens on every continent. European and US corporations have especially mastered the feat (Eichler, 2012). However, the workers struck back and set up unions to defend themselves from such exploitation. Because of these unions, it is usually much harder for the largest corporations to exploit the local labor. Meanwhile, if they move the factories overseas in countries without such unions, they don’t come up against such issues. There are constant problems inside the factories about the exploitation of the workers (Khan, 2012; BBC, 2006; Zhang, 2012). Exploiting others’ work has long been a way to get rich. The entire feudalism system was based on the exploitation by the powerful (Brown, 1974). Slavery has also been a major contributor of human development all over the world. Almost every nation and empire has used slave labor to gain advantage over others (Brace, 2004). It was a major tool of exploitation and the empires with more slaves were regarded as the stronger ones. They were being used for almost all purposes from hard labor to military. Fortunately, the situation is much better in this regard nowadays. Various revolutions managed to fully get rid of both feudalism and slavery. Nevertheless, people see it as a simple way to get rich. In today’s world where everything revolves around money (Pitman, 2011), it is one of the easiest ways to collect wealth. Even worse, people tend to repeat whatever brought
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