Explorability In Speaking English Language

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Title of the Thesis
An Exploratory study of the factors responsible for students ' reluctance in speaking the English Language
English is the common mode of communication among all countries as it has become an International language and is widely used in different countries of the world. Language is essential for proper communication in daily life as it is important not only in Pakistan but all over the world. English is spoken by more than three hundred forty million people all over the world as the first language. English has become a matter of controversy in the present system of education in Pakistan. English is the language of research and teaching at every level, according to the new Education policy of 2009, English will be used as a medium of instruction and guidance in every field of study from class IV to onwards (Govt of Pakistan, 2009). Talking about the present scenario of the education and teachers in Pakistan, Memon (1989) states that English teachers or instructors use their mother tongue or native language in the classroom discourse and pay little attention to students ' speaking or listening while discussing any topic or subject. It does not need special attention, training or practice to learn our mother tongue or native language, just by listening others a child learns to imitate and acquire language easily. It does not require to understand and to learn Grammar rules or sentence structure rather it can be learned by drills at an
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