Exploration During The Age Of Exploration

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The age of exploration started from the Europeans in the early 1400s, when Europe wanted new trading partners, new goods and new trade routes. Many goods were traded to Europe from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Europe was interested in spices from Asia. Europe needed the spices for food, mostly because it preserved the food from spoiling. Spices at that time was expensive and was difficult and dangerous to get. The traders had to travel from Europe to Asia through the dangerous silk road to get spices. At the time the silk road closed because of wars, Portugal was the first country in Europe to send explorers to find cheaper and safer sea routes. however, sailors were afraid of sea monsters which slowed down the process, Spain took over the lead of exploration when Portugal refused to pay Christopher Columbus’ to sail west to find a shortcut to India, but he convinced Spain’s King and Queen to pay it. Although Columbus thought he had reached Asia, he had actually discovered North America and it upheld it for Spain then colonized North America. Many people were glad by the opportunity for new knowledge. Explorers saw the chance to earn wealth. As well new lands were discovered, nations wanted to claim the lands for themselves.


Christianity was important to the Europeans culture during the Age of Exploration. So when explorers such as Columbus or Ponce de Leon or John Cabot claimed land in the name of a
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