Exploration Of Discovery In Tara June Winch's'swallow The Air '

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Exploration of discovery can allow for the development of an understanding of the idea that texts have the ability to certify or challenge presumptions and beliefs about features of human experiences and the world. Some texts allow for the journey of exploration to be present and experienced. This journey allows for discovery to occur. The discovery can be anything from emotional, self or unplanned. This allows for the concept of discovery to surprising and challenging, while either affirming or challenging previous presumptions and beliefs, permitting the audience to go on a journey of discovery with the characters within the text. The ways in which the concept of discovery is represented in and throughout texts is shown within the book “Swallow the Air” written by Tara June Winch which explores the trials and tribulations of the main character May who has to search for a place to belong in a world that doesn’t seem to want her. This experience is an emotional one for May. She had to overcome numerous obstacles that held her back from being the person who she wanted to be, these obstacles developed her understanding of the world she was coming to. In the book, the chapter ‘My Bleeding Palm’ documents the moments she truly learnt of the extent of unacceptance many people in her society had towards Aboriginals. May was walking along a cycleway that she had done many times before - but this time was different. The lads were out. She hurried to hide her skin colour and go

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