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Exploration of Thailand Introduction Let’s take a vacation to Thailand as a fixed country. As a curious person, I’ve always been interested in other countries’ culture and customs. To be completely honest, I was going to do China for the reason that it was the only country that I had prior knowledge about. This was until I remembered my aunt telling me about a recent business trip she went on to Thailand with some coworkers who knew nothing about what to do in their free time there. From all the interesting stories about what they did as tourists; I became very interested in venturing there to learn what made Thailand, of all places, so interesting. After all, it has a very humid, tropical climate caused by its low elevation and the surrounding…show more content…
This small island has 2 main beaches for relaxation and swimming. Also, like the name entails, you are able to go snorkeling and see the various coral reefs. In addition, if someone doesn’t know how to do a certain activity there are classes for them to take in order to learn. The single reason for this specific area is just for relaxation and good fun. Conclusion While researching Thailand I found both interesting aspects and terrifying aspects. Crime is a danger you might face in Thailand with their ranking being 47.06 on the index. That’s a relatively high number in comparison to most other countries. Thought crime is a possibility there are many enjoyable activities such as seeing many different animals and even meeting new people. I expect to learn about different cultures and how they function. Non-Fiction In Thailand, there are many different holidays and festivals. One that originated in Thailand, out of all mentioned, was the Monkey Buffet Festival. This celebration commemorates humans and monkeys coexisting in peace. Another festival is the Holi or festival of colors. While this holiday was created in India it is celebrated in most of Asia, including Thailand. Holi is a day of celebration where people can watch dancers and “paint” each other with colored powder and water. Many more festivals exist, but in all different areas of the

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