Exploratory Essay: Empowering Women

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Exploratory Essay: Empowering Females
Research Process:
My exploratory essay was originally going to focus solely on education for girls in developing countries. I worked with EBSCOhost Online Research Databases to find scholarly peer-reviewed articles, and I discovered 5 sources that discussed about education for girls. I used the following key words or phrases to find articles about education for girls: access to education for girls, barriers for girls to have access to education, girls and education and quality and developing countries, and girls and education and resources and developing countries. However, I went to my conference with Mr. Hall to discuss my research, and we decided that my true topic was focused on the empowerment
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In the article titled “Making the links: women’s rights and empowerment are key to achieving Millennium Development Goals” Heyzer discusses about the organization called Millennium Development Goals and how it has a Millennium Declaration that have countries commit to promoting gender equality and empowering women as effective ways of alleviating poverty and hunger for females. The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is an international women’s bill of rights, which had been ratified by 179 countries in the year 2005, that obligates governments to promote and protect the rights of women (Heyzer 9). In the article called “Situating Empowerment for Millennial Schoolgirls in Gujarat, India and Shaanxi, China” the article discusses about The Spring Bud scholarship program in Shaanxi, China and the Kasturba Balika Vidyala (KGBV) Residential School Program in Gujarat, India, and they both are supported by government sources and international non-governmental organizations to provide schooling for rural girls (Ross, Heidi A., Payal P. Shah, and Lei Wang 24). In the article named “Women, Poverty, and Trauma: An Empowerment Practice Approach” the article acknowledges the work of women-centered clinical interventions in increasing women’s capacity to exercise their rights by understanding them. It tries to empower women through individual and group counseling, mentoring, and advocacy (East, Jean Francis and Susan J.Roll 280). Investment in leadership training, skill development, and involvement in community activities empower women (East, Jean Francis and Susan J.Roll 281). In the article titled “The World Bank, Capabilities, and Human Rights: A New Vision For Girls’ Education Beyond 2015” the article argues that there should be more female teachers in order to mentor
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