Exploratory Essay: My Interests In My Life

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Exploratory Essay
I 'm the kind of person that likes to work with my hands and hate having to sit around and do nothing. I like to work with animals/farm and i like my sports and the outdoors. In 5 more years i want to save money and be able to get a farmhouse in the country in Kansas and get animals. I would have 2 jobs to support my family. By 20 years i want to have my house build the way i want it and have children. This is important to me because i want to be able to have a family and have a job that i will enjoy but still makes enough money to have a good life style.
I 'm the kind of person that likes hands on and that the kind of job i want. When i took the Holland code my best was being a Doer and be hands on not setting behind a desk. My second main interests is building and athletics. One of the low interest was working with math or calculations. When looking at my personality i completed my lifestyle balance pie. The ones that i had the most important was work, hunting, fishing. Secondly i liked sports, family so that tells me i want to spend my life outside and with family. My balance pie showed that my lifestyle is balanced with work, hunting, fishing, sports, and family all are similar importance to me.
My goals and values are making money, having a family,
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This shows that this job would fit my goal of making money to provide for my family. There is a on the job training and i think that it will fit me because it 's not much book work and you get to see it happen in person. The number of jobs for 2014 was 806,400 and the job outlook is 4% growth. So the chances of the job being there looks good. This job would fit to me because i like to be outside and know what is all going on with the law. I see the need for this job in the future in 5 to 10 years because society isn 't getting any better and we need police officers to enforce

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