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Research Process: My exploratory essay was originally going to focus solely on education for girls in developing countries. I chose this topic because my grandmother was born in Guatemala, and her highest level of education she received was an 8th grade level of education. I additionally heard about girls being prevented from having access to education in the news and this intrigued my curiosity to learn more about why. With the help of EBSCOhost Online Research Databases to find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, I discovered 4 sources and a book that discussed about education for girls. I used the following key words or phrases to find articles about education for girls: access to education for girls, barriers for girls to have access to…show more content…
Girls might drop out of school if they marry or get pregnant at an early age (Glick 1637). Girls in socially excluded groups, such as the Mayans in Guatemala, the rural tribes in Pakistan, and the lower castes in India, are not likely to attend school because they tend to be poorer, and the families need their girls’ to work instead of going to school. The excluded groups also tend to live in rural or remote places that have less access to schools (Glick 1639). In the article called “The Case for Universal Basic Education for the World’s Poorest Boys and Girls” Sperling reports that girls with disabilities or AIDS in third world countries are not likely to receive an education because there is no teachers or schools that can handle these situations. In addition to that, girls that are orphans, have only one parent, or are refugees, are more likely to not attend school because they are limited in having the opportunity to do so (Sperling 213). In the article titled “International Efforts and Judicial Activism towards Empowerment of Women-A Study” Singh informs the readers about women being denied empowerment based on stereotypes of women being weaker, slower, and less intelligent than men (Singh 3). Singh writes about women having no

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