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This study is essentially an exploratory research that intends to explore teacher recruitment procedures in practice and measure its effectiveness on student learning outcome. This study uses the mixed-methods for collecting and analyzing the data. The nature of the study entails using both quantitative and qualitative methods (mixed methods); as the study determines, measures and examines teacher effectiveness inside classroom as a result of current recruitment procedures and practices. There are a few advantages in using the mixed-methods in this research. A few includes, as Creswell & Clark (2011, pp. 5-6) articulate, in mixed-methods, the researcher: • collects and analyzes persuasively and rigorously both qualitative and quantitative…show more content…
improved teaching quality as a result of new teacher recruitment procedures and, consequently, increased quality of learning at schools) was produced (Weiss, 1998, p. 337). Overall, this study has considered the four purposes of impact evaluation proposed by Bakewell (2008): accountability, improving performance, learning, and communication (p. 4-6). Research Objectives This research aims to provide evidence-based insights, including policy recommendations, for improving teacher recruitment process. The primary objective of this study is to assess the impact of current teacher recruitment procedures, identify gaps and challenges and recommend alternatives that ensures transparent, merit-based and equal opportunity to all teacher recruitment procedures. In other words, the study intends to show how and to what extent the current teacher recruitment polices and procedures contributed to improvement of teaching and learning quality at school level. In a nutshell, the specific objectives of the study are: • To explore current teacher recruitment practices and whether or not they respond to the need for qualified…show more content…
The mixed methods approach –both quantitative and qualitative methods— has been used for collecting and analyzing data in this study. This approach provides a better understanding of subjects of study and hopefully offset the weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative methods when we used alone. As Crestwell (2003) proposed, in this strategy, the researcher collects both quantitative and qualitative data at the same time, then compares the two data sets to see if there is convergent, difference, or some combination (p.
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