Exploring Emotions In Sonny's Blues

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A boy walk through the jungle with each step he feels pebble of sweat dripping off his back down to his leg. He walks pass the same banana tree five without notice. Then he sees a pair of eye looking at him glowing through the bushes. He squint in disbelief, the eyes grow larger the boy take a step back tripping over a branch he falls to the floor as he looks up he sees a panther looking over him, he is stun. The panther paw press on his neck it leans in and opens its jaw wide to engorge the first taste. The boy was no match to the jungle just like Sonny was any competition for the mean street of Harlem. Sonny is a young musician who 's been arrested for selling and using heroin. Sonny has tried everything to kick this bad habit when he was a teen he join the Navy to run away from his problem but that shortly back fired when he move back to Harlem. His older brother seem to flourish in the same environment he too went to the Army and move back to Harlem and became a Teacher, a husband and father. The short story of “Sonny’s Blues” has a way of capturing how a person…show more content…
Sonny had not fully communicated his troubles he has always been the one to bottle up his emotions. The end of “Sonny’s Blues” the two brothers go to a small jazz club everyone knows and loves Sonny. He walks on stage knowing that he had not been by a piano for a year. Starts to play the piano hitting the keys and he gets scared stop and stared again. Everything that was bottle up poured out of Sonny through the piano he was playing Sonny’s blues. Sonny’s brother finally saw all his brother frustrations come out his need for music to keep him away from the drug, the music is an outlet. Sonny’s and his brother relationship reaches a different level of understanding. The jazz club is a place where Sonny can finally relax and his brother can see Sonny for who is really is musician not an
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