Exploring James Joyce's Traumatizing Childhood Experiences

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**********Exploring the Joyce 's traumatizing childhood experiences*************
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As I have cited on Discussion 8 as the following:
During his academic periods, he excelled through the University College Dublin, although his father was an alcoholic and eventually unemployed, which contributed to the emotional isolation of his mother. Howevaer, James must love her, because he drank heavily after his mother 's death, caused by liver cancer in 1904. According to the James Joyce Centre, Joyce wrote to a colleague to answer that "he believed his mother was killed by his father 's behavior" (James Joyce Centre, 2014). , not only James Joyce, but also any children would have struggled to understand their own mother 's emotional stresses, due to the uncertain financial pressures, and especially the dysfunctional family circumstances, although the mother may be performing a social role as a "shock absorber" economically and emotionally to serve for her husband and children (Suzuki, 2017).
A keyword "death" appear so many times in "The Sisters"; However, the death is also main theme of "The Dead."
Since now, you know about the biography of the author of my Discussion 8 posting, do you find any similarity with "the vague fear of the boy" (Alhamoui, 2017) as if it is a representation of James Joyce 's traumatizing youth experiences (Joyce 's dysfunctional family with the emotional isolation of Joyce 's mother due to an alcoholic father)?
Also, "I felt even annoyed at
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