Exploring My First Year In Humanities: Personal Reflection

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This year in Humanities my confidence in sharing my opinion with the class dramatically increased due to the great work environment you provided. Going into this semester being my first year in college I was not planning on speaking up and giving my opinion in class. I had been a to myself person throughout high school and to some extent I still am but what i've learned is when I ask questions and give my opinion not only does it help me but it also gives the rest of the class a different perspective. Now with my new perspective as a student I believe it's my job in a way to bring up points because there's a good chance someone else in the class has a similar question and if I remain silent as well as my classmates we are only hurting ourselves. As a class I believe that we had very good attendance, personally I didn't miss a class. The reason behind that is I picked up…show more content…
When I was in a group with unfamiliar people I would stay silent and not contribute to the discussion as much as I knew I could. I know that I should be more social and confident around my classmates but I just couldn't get over the hump. So I would stay in the same seat everyday near the end of the year and as a result I started participating a little more in class discussions. Hopefully I begin to feel comfortable around my classmates in my next semester classes. Even though I was quiet most the year I learned a lot from our discussions. I found it fascinating when people gave their opinion and one person would get something completely different out of the reading then the other person. These discussions I loved, because when you hear other people's perspectives on complex issues it really helps you form your own opinion. Discussions were also like clarification for me because I might be missing the whole point of what we were supposed to get out of
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