Future Counselling Skills

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When reviewing the video and sound recording, I noticed some counselling skills that I acquired that will be useful in my future counselling sessions. One of the skills that I have shown in the video is my attending behaviour. This includes eye contact, facial expressions, and body posture. For example, I made eye contact with my client and lean forward sometimes to indicate empathy and understanding. Also, I was relaxed during the session and I believe this has put my client at ease. I constantly nodded my head and aid “hmm or yea” to conveyed that I am listening and empathetic to what she was saying. These strengths were also noted in my peer review feedback stating that I demonstrated good use of S.O.L.E.R. Even though I adopted an open …show more content…

The flexible and simple framework help me to determine where and which stage my client was at the given time of the counselling process. It is applicable in a wide variety of situations and problems such as eating disorders (Perry, 1993). The counsellor also able to used Egan model as an integrative framework and incorporate techniques and methods from a wide range of approaches (Jenkins, 2000). Besides, it clearly stated the different counselling skills that are appropriate to use at each stage. I personally feel that this model is very suitable for a beginner counsellor as it provides a sense of direction and momentum to counselling. For instance, many new counsellors are worried about how to start the counselling session but the Egan's model provide a basic idea to counsellors how they can conduct their session in the first stage. In my example, I helped my client to tell their story and choose the right problems in the first stage. This model also helps to practice independence and empowerment on the client. The client is central of the counselling process in the model. They were given the opportunity to develop their goals and choices to achieve the desired change. However, the counsellor must also direct the client if they are making an unrealistic goal. Therefore, counsellor still makes a significant place in this model. An unskilled and inexperience …show more content…

Although I was nervous in the first session, I am able to help my client in reaching her goals and expectations. I found that I enjoy the simple framework of Egan's model. I am happy that I was able to help the client in resolution of her issue. I have noticed I utilized a range of counselling skills and I could improve better with more practices and experience. I must also work on my facial expression, voice of tone, conversation flow, and counselling's environment in order to carry out an effective counselling

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