Exploring The Titanic Literary Analysis

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Titanic, the “unsinkable ship” sank in 1912, leaving centuries worth of lasting impressions and unanswered questions on the sinking of this great ship.
In both Exploring the Titanic by Robert D Ballard and Voices From the Disaster by Deborah Hopkinson the story of the Titanic is shared from two different styles of writing, textbook (by Robert D Ballard), and nonfiction narrative (by Deborah Hopkinson). Mr. Robert D Ballard wrote his book (textbook) for the purpose of citing factual information so the readers can understand and retain the information from his book. While Ms. Deborah Hopkinson wrote her book (nonfiction narrative) for the purpose of shedding light on the stories behind the survivor’s fight to survive. This way the readers relate and admire the stories of the survivors also leading them to be able to retain most of the information from Ms. Deborah Hopkinson’s book. In both, Robert D Ballard’s and Deborah Hopkinson’s books, they shared the tragic story of the Titanic with their reader, however expressed the story in two different ways using two different types of writing.

Robert D Ballard the writer of Exploring the Titanic, choose a textbook set up for his book because he is a scientist and studied the factual evidence he wrote about. On page 30-31, Robert D Ballard studied with a French scientist named Jean Louis Michel on the Knorr and Le Suroit ships. He studied from the evidence shown by the Argo and the Angus (USA submersibles) and SAR (a French
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