Explosion: Observation Of Catherine Dodge Brownell School

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I observed my son, Orion, during story time with his father, Louis. Orion just turned four in October. He is currently attending early intervention for speech and social delays at the Catherine Dodge Brownell School in the Bronx, and had began his attendance there at the end of the last school year. Every night Orion is read to before bed. This night was his father’s turn to read. He told Orion to get ready for bed, and that it was time to read stories. Orion looked out the window and said, “it is time for sleep because it’s dark?’ His father said that was right. Orion then asked, “Oh, when the sun comes up that will be time to wakeup?” His father said yes, and tried to get him to bed for story. Orion then asked, “I have school? Mommy have school?” His father was done with question said yes, and that Orion better go brush his teeth, put on his pajamas, and get into bed or…show more content…
Dad read on, and as he mentioned 5 more lizards, Orion again stopped him to count the lizard. He counted 10. He did this two more times, as dad read on each time 5 being added. He counted, “11,12,15,18,19, 20,” and then went on to point out one lizard box was green and the lizards were purple and the other lizard box was orange and the lizards were blue. As dad tried to finish the book, Orion started talking over him and telling him about, “Hmmm hmm uh humuh,” which is his version of the Star Trek theme song. He talked about the space ship he made with his drumsticks and tambourine set, and kept trying to get my attention. I had to leave so he and dad could finish with

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