Explusion And Illusion In Miss Bill By Katherine Mansfield

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An individual’s perception of themselves can sometimes be an illusion when the reality is to hard to swallow. Once a reality has been forced upon an individual, they will never be able to have the same perception of themselves again. This idea is explored in Miss Brill, written by Katherine Mansfield through the character Miss Brill. Miss Brill started this narrative out by feeling as though she was as important as a movie star; beautiful and young, like age never affected her. While poking fun at other people on her routinely visits to the park in her town, it wasn’t until two people who poked fun at her, caused her to lose the illusion she had of herself and see herself for how she was. Miss Brill thought she was a young, beautiful, important person, but there is to a certain extent that you have to decipher your illusion and confidence between the harsh reality and facts that everyone is not as they were when they were young. MIss Brill runs her life on an illusion that the world would not run if she was not around, she tends to think of herself as very important and that everyone recognises her in a good manner. This is very odd as she is a teacher for children, which for the most part means that you are generally a very grounded and realistic person. She also reads for an old man, who barely recognizes her existence. Miss Brill never seemed to care about that though, all she cares about were her visits to the park on Sundays. It was routine that she wears her special

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