The Theme Of Illusion In Katherine Mansfield's Miss Brill

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An individual’s perception of themselves can sometimes be an illusion when the reality is to hard to swallow. Once a reality has been forced upon an individual, they will never be able to have the same perception of themselves again. This idea is explored in Miss Brill, written by Katherine Mansfield through the character Miss Brill. Miss Brill started this narrative out by feeling as though she was as important as a movie star; beautiful and young, like age never affected her. While poking fun at other people on her routinely visits to the park in her town, it wasn’t until two people who poked fun at her, caused her to lose the illusion she had of herself and see herself for how she was. Miss Brill thought she was a young, beautiful, important person, but there is to a certain extent that you have to decipher your illusion and confidence between the harsh…show more content…
As Miss Brill was looking to eavesdrop so that she could have her feeling of importance fulfilled again, the opposite turns to happen. To the young couple, Miss Brill is seen as a very old, un important and non desirable person. In fact they even believe she is weird due to the shabby fur she wears all the time. The young couple knows that Miss Brill always likes to sit in and listen to their conversations, so they choose to day to confront her with the reality. Talking like they normally do, they began to change the topic very abruptly as soon as they realized Miss Brill was listening. They began to say things that they knew would directly impact Miss Brill, things like: her fur was comparable to cooked fish, and that Miss Brill herself was a “stupid, old thing,” and “why would anyone want her here.” Miss Brill always believed that she was a young, beautiful person, but this experience has damaged her personal illusion and confidence, into the harsh reality of the

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