Expo 17: The Inclusion Of Minority Groups In Canada

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When you look around yourself, you can see the progress Canada has made through its great diversity in population. It is evident that most of us belong to a minority, whether it be through race, sexuality, or ability. Approximately 6.3 million Canadians are identified as members of a visible minority group, according to Statistics Canada. This is one piece of evidence that proves the theme of minority groups is a valuable consideration for Expo 17’. As visitors from all over the world come to Expo 17’, it is important to prove that Canada is a diverse and accepting country. The inclusion of minority groups as a theme for an exhibit would further expose the fact of Canada being a diverse and accepting nation.

Visitors of my exhibit will leave with a unique experience, which will be remarkably distinct from the other potential exhibits. My exhibit will not just provide information about minority groups but will also allow visitors to encounter the journey and struggles of people of minority. My design equally includes opportunities for visitors to learn, think, and experience. Hence, why my design should be chosen to represent minority groups at Expo 17’.
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Visitors who choose not to go through the exhibit will be have the opportunity to obtain this pamphlet which includes some information about minority
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