Export Performance Literature Review

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Studying the determinants of exports performance has been one of the major priorities in the field since the 1970s. However, despite of the tremendous attention devoted by researchers, a comprehensive theory that explains export performance is yet to be developed. Some consider that knowledge on this field is fragmented, diverse and sometimes even inconsistent, which makes export performance one of the most contentious fields in international marketing (Katsikeas, Leonidou, & Morgan, 2000). Export performance research at the firm level in emerging economies in Africa is sparse as studies have largely focused on the country level. Rankin et al. (2006) contend that in Sub-Saharan Africa, (SSA) without export involvement the domestic market…show more content…
Export performance can be described in objective terms such as sales, profits, or marketing measures or by subjective measures such as distributor or customer satisfaction.
Export performance refers to the outcomes of a firm’s export activities (Canvusgil and Zou, 1994; Katsikeas, Leonidou and Morgan, 2000), and considered as one of the major indicators of the success of a firm’s operations/export activities (Jalali, 2012).
Shoham (1998) defends that “export performance is conceptualized as a composite outcome of a firm's international sales (such as export sales, export profitability and performance change). According to the resource based theory and dynamic capabilities (Newbert, 2007),(Barney, 1991), performance (Grant, 1991) directly depends on the competitive advantage that has a business. Also, the relationship between the resources and the performance of an organization is not direct but rather characterized by the mediating role of competitiveness. An organization is a combination of resources and competencies and competitiveness is the ability of a company to
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These resource advantages empower a firm to create a competitive advantage with their own resource position making it difficult for other competitors in the industry to imitate or catch up with the market leader. Thus, management of the firm has to focus on their strong resource positions in order to influence their operations to create a competitive advantage for export performance enhancement. Barnery 1991, Wernerfelt, 1984, felt Celec et al.,

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