The Importance Of Being Perfect In College

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I heard my parents saying “She has been doing great. In high school, Jennifer graduated with honors. Now she is in college. I hope she will keep up the good work.”
I am Jennifer. I don’t try. I like to do everything perfectly whether it’s at academically or generally. Everything in my life must be perfect. There is no space for mistakes or imperfection. I used to think I am a perfectionist. If I can't be the best, I felt like a failure. I didn’t try new things because I was afraid of the fact that I won’t do too well.
I feel like my parents were one the ones forcing me to be perfect because since I was young, they wanted me to get perfect grades. Every parent wants their son or daughter to get good grades but my parents wanted me to have perfect grades since then, I have had an issue perfectionism. In high school, I had done well in classes. But now that I am in the second semester of college, I am shattering apart even though in the prior semester I was on the Dean’s list. I have so much pressure in college classes, not to
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Every student goes with passion in their eyes to achieve what they have dreamed of. During the high school years, some students become very excited because they have plans to go to college and some are afraid to hear the word college.
Everyone tries to be perfect, but there are some who don’t try they want to be perfect otherwise they feel like a failure in their life. Perfectionism is the word to describe a person’s personality who think they must do everything perfectly there is no space for mistakes. A person has done everything right nothing wrong.
“Perfectionism is a term used to describe a personality trait that involves constantly striving for perfection, maintaining high (sometimes excessive) standards, and refusing to accept anything less that
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