How Does Alice In Wonderland Affect Society

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When a person carries out everyday tasks, performs activities of any sort, talks to people, show their actions, they are affected by the society, the surrounding they live in and are brought up in. This could only happen when either, one is trying really hard to fit into society or when one belongs to a society, the subconscious mind of a person involuntarily comes into action. So, it would also affect writing.
The author of Alice in Wonderland, Charles Lutwtidge Dodgson better known as Lewis Carroll was born in Cheshire, England before the Victorian era and lived through it. He later became a mathematician in Oxford. People and sources say that he was not dedicated enough towards his academic work but, was gifted with a logical mind. Some
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She is shown to be the ultimate leader that everyone fears and going against her wishes and demands would cost one their lives. She is shown to be an unintelligent leader, like most in the world, who could take over anything or do anything to satisfy her id. After analyzing this character we assume that in her childhood, she was not the preferred one, was given less thought to, less attention and she had survived knowing this fact which, can be connected to Lewis Carroll’s childhood. However, the character had shown her capabilities by vengeance and irrational thinking making her domain to be more leader-oriented. This had given rise to the division of classes and the concept of hierarchy was shown in the fictional piece of work. These facts also relate to Queen Victoria who was in reign that time. The fact of female dominance is brought up and is related with Queen Victoria and both the queens.
However, unless the fact-makers have met Lewis Carroll in person no one can really determine what exactly was in his subconscious mind. However, our actions are affected by our subconscious, conscious and unconscious
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