Expository Essay On Anne Frank

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Anne Frank Explanatory Essay

In the year 1933, the tragedy known as the holocaust began with Adolf Hitler. This event killed over 6 million people, and impacted many more. One family that was greatly affected were the Franks. In 1945 the Franks went into hiding. Many things changed while they were in the annex.Throughout the years, the moods and relationships of the families in the annex were significantly changed by what happened in the outside world. At first, the holocaust progressed slowly, but soon caused the Franks and a few others to go into hiding. Though it may seem that they would be much safer in the annex, there life had completely changed. Everything and anything could go wrong and get them caught. Anne’s mood changes when she realises this. This happens with “Anne. [Pulling out a pasteboard-bound book] A diary! [She throws her arms around her father.] I’ve never had a diary. And I’ve always longed for one. [She looks around the room.] Pencil, pencil, pencil, pencil. [She starts down the stairs] I’m going down to the office to get a pencil. Mr. Frank. Anne! No! [He goes after her, catching her by the arm and pulling her back.] Anne. [Startled] But there’s no one in the building now. Mr. Frank. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want you ever to go beyond that door.”(Hackett, 112) This quote shows how Anne goes from excited about getting a journal, to scared because her dad explains all the limitations of their stay in the annex. Anne’s mood changes may times
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